Varsity All Star and Pac West Alliance

Announcing the alliance between Varsity All Star and Pac West

Pac West just became the latest member of the Varsity Family Plan and International All Levels Championships in Memphis, Tennessee on February 16, 2011.

The two organizations announced their strategic alliance to extend the Varsity Family Plan Rebates and bids to the West Coast all Levels Championships to the clients of Pac West. The alliance means that both Varsity and Pac West agreed on coordinating their event scheduling in a way that eliminates events from being presented on the same day.

Some of the leading all star event organizers is part of Varsity Family Plan and they offer some incredible incentive plans to coaches and other all star programs when they participate in the same event.

Varsity All Star Executive, John Newby, commented recently that “We recognize Pac West as a regional leader and support the positive atmosphere they inspire at competitive events” and “It’s a win-win for all customers to have added value at Northwestern Varsity All Star and Pac West events.”

Kiki Bittner, Pac West C.E.O, said, “Not only is coaches now eligible for Family Plan rebates, but they also can earn bids for All Levels and Worlds without having to travel outside their region, which is something highly prized in these sensitive economic times.  He continued is saying that “Varsity is the world’s leading spirit industry provider, and we are proud to partner with them.

Varsity All star is the primary source for all that has a relation to cheerleading and dance teams. They have a long and rich history full of traditions dating back as far as 1948. They have been recognised as global innovative leaders that have strong links with leading spirit brands and educational camps, clinics, competitions, organizations and uniform suppliers to international teams around the world.

Some of their events such as the Varsity National Championships, held at Walt Disney World® Resorts, have been televised for more than twenty five years on the ESPN network. Their web-based Varsity TV has featured thousands of videos of cheerleading and dance teams. Ideal viewing and training material for coaches and team members to improve their style.

Varsity is a leading force when it comes to safety for the cheerleading teams and supported the American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators since early 1987. Their camp leader training program produces more than 300,000 cheerleaders every year concentrating on safety and the fundamental aspects of cheerleading.

Pac West, or Pac West Spirit Group, on the other hand is the largest cheerleading and dance event providers in the Pacific Northwest. The company has been awarded the coveted 5 star rating as a USASF Member. The mission of this group is to provide world class service to the nation, but with a local flavour.

The C.E.O, Kiki Bittner, sat on the Sanctioning Committee and National Advisory Board of USASF, OSIP Board of Directors and the All Star Cheer Magazine advisory Board. To top this off he received the highest honour from WSCCA, the Hall of Fame award was bestowed on him in 2010.

Alternative Off Season Workouts

Most people think that one of the biggest things a cheerleader has to do is learn their cheers. In many ways, this is true, but it is not all inclusive. They must also be able to stay in excellent shape, even when they are not performing on the field or in the arena. Therefore, everyone who loves cheering needs to know that they have a lot of alternative off season workouts for them to do.


Your body needs to stretch out every day if you want to maintain flexibility. However, stretching also means that you need to do some cardio as well. It is recommended that you get your heartrate up for at least 10 minutes. If it is not possible for you to get in ten minutes before you stretch out, you can take a hot shower and then stretch. Either way, you will be giving yourself the ability to lengthen your muscles safely. You can do splits, backbends, and all other stretches that you know of and perhaps do during your routines.


When you are a cheerleader, you know you have to have a lot of strength. The easiest way to do this is to work with weight training exercises, but there isn’t much fun in that part of exercising. You can use weights in your hands, around your ankles, or any other types that you find. These exercises will ensure that you can do the lifts and stuff that may be required of you during your routines.


When you are practicing daily and attending games on a weekly basis, your body becomes used to the constant push for more. However, it can fade away and become lazy quick if you attempt to break your daily routines. Therefore, you need to stay busy. Practice for the same amount of time each day and push yourself to go even longer when you need to. This will help you when the season starts up again because you will still be prepared for all that you have to do.

Ditch the Boring Stuff

Exercising is never a lot of fun. It becomes a routine that eventually will lead to your muscles, strength, and endurance hitting a plateau where you are not gaining anything more. Before this happens to you, we suggest you take it outdoors. You can find a lot of fun activities that will do all that you need them to do. You can take up tennis, go for nature hikes over hills, take up swimming, or go out in an inflatable kayak. The inflatable kayak is ideal because it builds muscle, builds endurance, and strength. To see more of the many benefits, you can visit to learn more about it. It may be the one thing that your off-season routines have been missing. You can bring as much fun to the off season as you have during football season and all that you are able to do during that time. Doesn’t that sound like a better alternative idea?


Our Cheer Competition Essentials

Just because school ends during the summer months, does not mean that we get a break. In fact, during the summertime our cheer team spends more time on the field than the football players we cheer for. We are constantly working on new moves and improving our routines so that when school starts back again, we have new stuff ready to entertain the crowd with while our team is scoring goals on the field. We also use the time to get ready for upcoming competitions. It is what helps us to stay in shape so that we look good on the field when all eyes are focused on us. The thing is, it also means we have a lot of things to get together and we lovingly call these things our cheer competition essentials.

Why We Work So Hard

We work hard as a group to celebrate and ensure that our school stands out amid all others. We choose to work hard to represent our school and our team. That is what cheering is designed to do and when we have a new kid sign up and try out for our team, we ensure that they know the standards we are looking for. Our cheer team has worked in extreme heat where having a misting fan was the only way we could cool off. Some of our team members have worked to keep up even with minor injuries and if they cannot cheer because of an injury, they are there working out on their indoor/outdoor safety mats and pass out bottles of water when they are needed.

The Things We Need

MistingFan-286x300Beyond the pompoms and misting fans, safety gear, and other stuff, we do have a few requirements for summer practice sessions. When we are out on the field practicing a new cheer routine, we like our music to be played very loud. We choose only the best outdoor rock speakers because rock is the sound that we all enjoy dancing to. It is what gets us up and keeps us motivated to do our very best. Our team captain would settle for nothing less from us and we enjoy the challenge of finding our next competition song together.

The Outcome

Judge-300x300Our best investment into our summertime practices was the day that our team captain brought their best ATV speakers. They were loud and they were pumping out the bass like no other speakers we had ever heard. That year, we bought a set to take with us to our next competition and we scored big on it with the crowd and the judges. They told us that we brought the energy of our music to the field and people were dancing in the stands along with us. We never noticed the crowd dancing while we cheered, but our high scores prove that there were definitely some people who enjoyed our efforts. I know I enjoyed it. I thought we soared higher and yelled louder than ever before at a competition and I personally feel it was all due to the energy of our songs.

Getting Into The Spirit Of The Holidays


Being a cheerleader means that you spend a lot of time showing team spirit. Our job is to entertain the crowd and celebrate the things that go well for our school. We have a large group of cheerleaders in our squad and we have both male and female members. Together, we have a great time. Especially during the holidays that happen to fall during football season. As the temperatures outside cool down and autumn comes our way, Halloween is something everyone is excited about this year.

How We Celebrate the Seasons

Pocahontas-199x300-199x300In our squad, we all try to have fun together, even during the off seasons when it is simply practicing to jump higher, build taller pyramids, and come up with new cheers. This season, we have decided to take our seasonal celebrations and make them even better. Rather than simply doing the squad party for All Hallows Eve, we are taking our celebration to the field. We have all chosen costumes to wear for Friday night’s game. Our costumes are going to be easy to wear and allow us to move freely so that the crowd and our team will still enjoy watching us. We have also changed up a few of our cheers to include a Halloween theme. I personally will be wearing a sexy Pocahontas costume and I cannot wait for the celebration.

Why We Do It

RogerRabbit-276x300-276x300Halloween is a fun holiday and cheering is all about fun. It is celebrating. As a team, we decided a few years back that to ignore holidays was an injustice to what we enjoy doing. However, we stuck with only celebrating Christmas or by paying special tribute to our Veterans. This year, we wanted to know that when our fans show up wearing silly costumes, we would be a part of it. I have a very good friend who is even going to dress up in a Roger Rabbit Costume. We hope to make the crowd who is watching the game laugh and see us as a fun loving group of people who are like them.

Join Us in Celebrating Holidays

If you are a cheerleading group who enjoys the game and enjoys delighting the people in the stands, why not join us and show your school spirit in a whole new way? You can plan out a night of fun for yourselves and let the crowd join you in it. Perhaps you could even do as we hope to and invite some of the dressed up kids down onto the field and have their costumes be judged by the crowd. What you choose to do for your celebration is on you. There are plenty of cheer-friendly costumes available. Not everyone has to be a Pocahontas or Rabbit. I believe it is going to be the most fun a squad could have together. Are you ready to up your routine and get into the spirit of the holidays with us? We hope you do. Your fans and everyone watching the game, will enjoy the fact you put in the little bit of extra effort.

Best Way to Clean Your Car

pressurewashcar-300x204-300x204Before you attempt to apply soap to your vehicle and scrub, you need to thoroughly rinse it off. This is best done with a pressure washer, but if you do not have one on hand, you will need to use a high pressure stream nozzle on your garden hose. You will want to start at the top of your vehicle and rinse down to the rims and tires. The reason this is a necessary step before you wash is because if you jump right in with a wash rag or scrubber and you have dirt on your vehicle, you risk scratching the paint. Not only that, but it will leave marks that are hard to eliminate, even if you wax your car after washing.

This is why many people choose to use a pressure washer foam cannon with at least 1300psi. They can rinse their vehicle and eliminate all of the dirt that may be on it, before they wash. It works even better if they have a foamer and a good detergent. The foamer allows them to watch as dirt and mud is picked up by the soap and runs down from the top of the vehicle. It is a kind of visual proof that you are doing the right thing for your car.

After you have rinsed off any of the loose dirt, you must then wash your car using a rag. Again, wash from the top to the bottom, because the bottom of your vehicle is always going to be the dirtiest area. Rinse off your scrubber and your vehicle often so that you do not end up with a lot of soap residue that has dried onto your paint job. Again, letting it dry will be difficult to remove later, even with waxing. The point of using a scrubber, after you have already eliminated most of the dirt, is to get the remaining dust and other stuff off of your vehicle.

If you have a darker colored car, especially a black one, it is important that you dry it, before the sun has the chance, if you are not planning to wax. If water dries on your vehicle, you will end up with water spots all over your car. To dry you will simply use a soft cloth and rub down the entire car body.

After your vehicle is dry, you will want to apply wax to it. Wax is a pain in the rear end for most people, and a lot of people do neglect it, but it does make a car shine like a new penny. If you are using wax, keep in mind that you do not need to get it on chrome or plastic pieces that may be on your car. If you get it there, especially on the plastic, you will have a very hard time getting it off. Let the wax dry thoroughly, because otherwise, you will be adding more work to yourself.


Now that your vehicle is clean and shiny, you will want to take care of your tires by putting oil on them to make them shine. There are a lot of products available for you to choose from and they are available at any auto store. The purpose is to protect them and make them look great. If you want, now is also the time you will want to treat your windows with RainX type stuff.

If you do all of these things, it may take you a little time, but in the end, your results will be amazing and you will once again be glad that you are not one of those people who drive around with a dirty car. Can you imagine being happy to drive your car again?

Finding The Best Wedding Theme Ideas

cheerleader_wedding_photo-2541-200x300Throughout history there have been wedding ceremonies. At one time, it was done as an arranged wedding between two people who may have never met. Now, though, thankfully, times have changed to become what they are today. Marriage takes place between two people who already know and love one another. Is there any reason to go back in time to honor the traditions that those past marriages put into place? It is a new era. One in which love rules and therefore so should fun. If you are ready to ditch tradition and live in today’s world, you can do so by holding a themed wedding. With themes, anything is possible and it is all about the love between you and your partner combined with the fun your guests want. Here are a few things to consider when finding the best wedding theme ideas for your ceremony.

Choose Your Venue

When considering a themed wedding, it may seem odd to consider your location first and foremost, however, it does play a major part in pulling off a successful theme. You cannot have a successfully themed country theme in the middle of central park or a beach themed wedding in the middle of a desert. Choosing a location that you love and plotting out a theme based on your environment can make life much easier as told by NoVA Wedding Photographer. It will enable you to stop trying to build a beach where everything is dry as dirt.

Your wedding venue does not have to be some exotic location. It can be in a forest, in your family’s garden area, in an old abandoned barn, and thousands of other areas. Each of these unique settings will free up endless possibilities on how to make a theme great. In a barn, you can host a country themed wedding where everyone wears jeans and tee-shirts. With the forest as your backdrop, you can have a hunting theme, if you are both into hunting, or pay tribute to the natural wildlife by freeing butterflies during the ceremony. Holding the ceremony in a garden that is already present, will make it easy to add flowers to your wedding.


Choosing a theme should also be an affordable endeavor. This could also easily play into the location. Could you imagine the cost of creating a beach style theme where there is nothing beach-like? If you try to turn a private pool or a small pond into an ocean side retreat, it may be more cost effective because parts of “the beach” may already be there.

If you choose a theme such as everyone wearing poodle skirts and clothing from that era, can you afford to purchase or make the costumes you will need? The same can be said for a variety of other “themes” like cheer. Weddings, whether you choose traditional or backyard and private events, can cost a small fortune when you consider food, drinks, photographs, the services, rooms for your guests, and all of the other details that go into making a wedding ceremony happen. Think ahead and include it in your theme ideas.

Bringing the Baby to Cheer Camp

We live in a busy world where everyone has a schedule that can become quite complicated. Families are getting their kids involved with activates from an early age and it is great. Kids are learning to enjoy teamwork and experiencing the joys of making friends from the time they are able to sit upright. The complication begins when these same, busy families have multiple children who all seem to be going their own way. When parents work and little Amy has cheerleading practice, Billy has soccer practice, Andrew is toddling around, and Mary is too young to care about any of it. This is where parents want all the help that they can get. Luckily, there is a great way to make it easier on everyone.


Showing Support, Shows Love

Every good parent knows that their involvement in their child’s extracurricular activities is a great way to show that you care about their accomplishments. However, the more children you may have, the harder it may become to give yourself over to showing each child that you are there and supporting them in all that they do, especially if your family includes a newborn along with older children.


This is where a baby backpack can help the most. You can be there to support your older child and give them hugs and truly be an active participant in celebrating because the baby backpack will hold your youngest child. You will be free to celebrate and never again have your hands too full to clap for your child when they pull off that cheer that has given them such a hard time.

It will free you up during practice at home as well when you are trying to help them achieve that backbend while your little one needs comforted. You will be able to avoid carrying around a car seat carrier, the diaper bag, and all those other things that make it complicated to be out with your older children. It will just make your life much simpler and even having your newborn get too much sun will not have to be a concern that you must deal with.

For the youngest newborn, you can opt to have a carrier that places your infant right next to your heart. Some mom’s even find this appealing because they are able to nurse their infant in public without letting others see. Most carriers are even able to hold toddler aged children so that you can spend time watching the action instead of chasing a rowdy child around.

Regardless, your older child, the one who needs for you to see what they can accomplish, will be happy that you are able to pay attention to them. They will feel that the entire family is there to watch them achieve great things. What child in a multi-child household would not enjoy knowing that they are the center of your attention?

What is the Best Baby Carrier for Your Family?

When it comes to finding a baby carrier, you have a lot of options. Parents of newborns may prefer the front carry carriers while parents of toddlers may prefer the backpack style carriers. Some parents, who are more active participants in their older child’s cheerleading practices may find that one type is better than another for their infant and toddler. Some may also prefer the carrier that is designed more for hiking because with the hiking carriers you also get storage and a sturdy frame for times when you want to sit your toddler down.

Choosing the best baby carrier is something that only you will be able to do. There are sash type carriers, carriers that provide shade from the sun, ones that offer durability while still being lightweight, carriers that are designed to be cool and some that are more suitable for cold weather. You, and only you, can decide which is best for your needs. However, you should try to find one that is usable by both parents to save you from having to buy several at once.

Live Life Freely

Once you have chosen your ideal carrier, you may have to learn how to live your life more freely. You will love having your hands free. Your older children will have to rediscover what the freedom to have you as such an active part of their life is all about. And perhaps best of all, your little one will be able to enjoy the freedom to nap when they feel like napping. Can you imagine a better way to spend your life, bringing baby to cheer camp or enjoying other activities with your growing family?