Finding The Best Wedding Theme Ideas

cheerleader_wedding_photo-2541-200x300Throughout history there have been wedding ceremonies. At one time, it was done as an arranged wedding between two people who may have never met. Now, though, thankfully, times have changed to become what they are today. Marriage takes place between two people who already know and love one another. Is there any reason to go back in time to honor the traditions that those past marriages put into place? It is a new era. One in which love rules and therefore so should fun. If you are ready to ditch tradition and live in today’s world, you can do so by holding a themed wedding. With themes, anything is possible and it is all about the love between you and your partner combined with the fun your guests want. Here are a few things to consider when finding the best wedding theme ideas for your ceremony.

Choose Your Venue

When considering a themed wedding, it may seem odd to consider your location first and foremost, however, it does play a major part in pulling off a successful theme. You cannot have a successfully themed country theme in the middle of central park or a beach themed wedding in the middle of a desert. Choosing a location that you love and plotting out a theme based on your environment can make life much easier as told by NoVA Wedding Photographer. It will enable you to stop trying to build a beach where everything is dry as dirt.

Your wedding venue does not have to be some exotic location. It can be in a forest, in your family’s garden area, in an old abandoned barn, and thousands of other areas. Each of these unique settings will free up endless possibilities on how to make a theme great. In a barn, you can host a country themed wedding where everyone wears jeans and tee-shirts. With the forest as your backdrop, you can have a hunting theme, if you are both into hunting, or pay tribute to the natural wildlife by freeing butterflies during the ceremony. Holding the ceremony in a garden that is already present, will make it easy to add flowers to your wedding.


Choosing a theme should also be an affordable endeavor. This could also easily play into the location. Could you imagine the cost of creating a beach style theme where there is nothing beach-like? If you try to turn a private pool or a small pond into an ocean side retreat, it may be more cost effective because parts of “the beach” may already be there.

If you choose a theme such as everyone wearing poodle skirts and clothing from that era, can you afford to purchase or make the costumes you will need? The same can be said for a variety of other “themes” like cheer. Weddings, whether you choose traditional or backyard and private events, can cost a small fortune when you consider food, drinks, photographs, the services, rooms for your guests, and all of the other details that go into making a wedding ceremony happen. Think ahead and include it in your theme ideas.