Getting Into The Spirit Of The Holidays


Being a cheerleader means that you spend a lot of time showing team spirit. Our job is to entertain the crowd and celebrate the things that go well for our school. We have a large group of cheerleaders in our squad and we have both male and female members. Together, we have a great time. Especially during the holidays that happen to fall during football season. As the temperatures outside cool down and autumn comes our way, Halloween is something everyone is excited about this year.

How We Celebrate the Seasons

Pocahontas-199x300-199x300In our squad, we all try to have fun together, even during the off seasons when it is simply practicing to jump higher, build taller pyramids, and come up with new cheers. This season, we have decided to take our seasonal celebrations and make them even better. Rather than simply doing the squad party for All Hallows Eve, we are taking our celebration to the field. We have all chosen costumes to wear for Friday night’s game. Our costumes are going to be easy to wear and allow us to move freely so that the crowd and our team will still enjoy watching us. We have also changed up a few of our cheers to include a Halloween theme. I personally will be wearing a sexy Pocahontas costume and I cannot wait for the celebration.

Why We Do It

RogerRabbit-276x300-276x300Halloween is a fun holiday and cheering is all about fun. It is celebrating. As a team, we decided a few years back that to ignore holidays was an injustice to what we enjoy doing. However, we stuck with only celebrating Christmas or by paying special tribute to our Veterans. This year, we wanted to know that when our fans show up wearing silly costumes, we would be a part of it. I have a very good friend who is even going to dress up in a Roger Rabbit Costume. We hope to make the crowd who is watching the game laugh and see us as a fun loving group of people who are like them.

Join Us in Celebrating Holidays

If you are a cheerleading group who enjoys the game and enjoys delighting the people in the stands, why not join us and show your school spirit in a whole new way? You can plan out a night of fun for yourselves and let the crowd join you in it. Perhaps you could even do as we hope to and invite some of the dressed up kids down onto the field and have their costumes be judged by the crowd. What you choose to do for your celebration is on you. There are plenty of cheer-friendly costumes available. Not everyone has to be a Pocahontas or Rabbit. I believe it is going to be the most fun a squad could have together. Are you ready to up your routine and get into the spirit of the holidays with us? We hope you do. Your fans and everyone watching the game, will enjoy the fact you put in the little bit of extra effort.