Bringing the Baby to Cheer Camp

We live in a busy world where everyone has a schedule that can become quite complicated. Families are getting their kids involved with activates from an early age and it is great. Kids are learning to enjoy teamwork and experiencing the joys of making friends from the time they are able to sit upright. The complication begins when these same, busy families have multiple children who all seem to be going their own way. When parents work and little Amy has cheerleading practice, Billy has soccer practice, Andrew is toddling around, and Mary is too young to care about any of it. This is where parents want all the help that they can get. Luckily, there is a great way to make it easier on everyone.


Showing Support, Shows Love

Every good parent knows that their involvement in their child’s extracurricular activities is a great way to show that you care about their accomplishments. However, the more children you may have, the harder it may become to give yourself over to showing each child that you are there and supporting them in all that they do, especially if your family includes a newborn along with older children.


This is where a baby backpack can help the most. You can be there to support your older child and give them hugs and truly be an active participant in celebrating because the baby backpack will hold your youngest child. You will be free to celebrate and never again have your hands too full to clap for your child when they pull off that cheer that has given them such a hard time.

It will free you up during practice at home as well when you are trying to help them achieve that backbend while your little one needs comforted. You will be able to avoid carrying around a car seat carrier, the diaper bag, and all those other things that make it complicated to be out with your older children. It will just make your life much simpler and even having your newborn get too much sun will not have to be a concern that you must deal with.

For the youngest newborn, you can opt to have a carrier that places your infant right next to your heart. Some mom’s even find this appealing because they are able to nurse their infant in public without letting others see. Most carriers are even able to hold toddler aged children so that you can spend time watching the action instead of chasing a rowdy child around.

Regardless, your older child, the one who needs for you to see what they can accomplish, will be happy that you are able to pay attention to them. They will feel that the entire family is there to watch them achieve great things. What child in a multi-child household would not enjoy knowing that they are the center of your attention?

What is the Best Baby Carrier for Your Family?

When it comes to finding a baby carrier, you have a lot of options. Parents of newborns may prefer the front carry carriers while parents of toddlers may prefer the backpack style carriers. Some parents, who are more active participants in their older child’s cheerleading practices may find that one type is better than another for their infant and toddler. Some may also prefer the carrier that is designed more for hiking because with the hiking carriers you also get storage and a sturdy frame for times when you want to sit your toddler down.

Choosing the best baby carrier is something that only you will be able to do. There are sash type carriers, carriers that provide shade from the sun, ones that offer durability while still being lightweight, carriers that are designed to be cool and some that are more suitable for cold weather. You, and only you, can decide which is best for your needs. However, you should try to find one that is usable by both parents to save you from having to buy several at once.

Live Life Freely

Once you have chosen your ideal carrier, you may have to learn how to live your life more freely. You will love having your hands free. Your older children will have to rediscover what the freedom to have you as such an active part of their life is all about. And perhaps best of all, your little one will be able to enjoy the freedom to nap when they feel like napping. Can you imagine a better way to spend your life, bringing baby to cheer camp or enjoying other activities with your growing family?