Our Cheer Competition Essentials

Just because school ends during the summer months, does not mean that we get a break. In fact, during the summertime our cheer team spends more time on the field than the football players we cheer for. We are constantly working on new moves and improving our routines so that when school starts back again, we have new stuff ready to entertain the crowd with while our team is scoring goals on the field. We also use the time to get ready for upcoming competitions. It is what helps us to stay in shape so that we look good on the field when all eyes are focused on us. The thing is, it also means we have a lot of things to get together and we lovingly call these things our cheer competition essentials.

Why We Work So Hard

We work hard as a group to celebrate and ensure that our school stands out amid all others. We choose to work hard to represent our school and our team. That is what cheering is designed to do and when we have a new kid sign up and try out for our team, we ensure that they know the standards we are looking for. Our cheer team has worked in extreme heat where having a misting fan was the only way we could cool off. Some of our team members have worked to keep up even with minor injuries and if they cannot cheer because of an injury, they are there working out on their indoor/outdoor safety mats and pass out bottles of water when they are needed.

The Things We Need

MistingFan-286x300Beyond the pompoms and misting fans, safety gear, and other stuff, we do have a few requirements for summer practice sessions. When we are out on the field practicing a new cheer routine, we like our music to be played very loud. We choose only the best outdoor rock speakers because rock is the sound that we all enjoy dancing to. It is what gets us up and keeps us motivated to do our very best. Our team captain would settle for nothing less from us and we enjoy the challenge of finding our next competition song together.

The Outcome

Judge-300x300Our best investment into our summertime practices was the day that our team captain brought their best ATV speakers. They were loud and they were pumping out the bass like no other speakers we had ever heard. That year, we bought a set to take with us to our next competition and we scored big on it with the crowd and the judges. They told us that we brought the energy of our music to the field and people were dancing in the stands along with us. We never noticed the crowd dancing while we cheered, but our high scores prove that there were definitely some people who enjoyed our efforts. I know I enjoyed it. I thought we soared higher and yelled louder than ever before at a competition and I personally feel it was all due to the energy of our songs.